The Cheddite Brand and Technology
More than a hundred years of experience in the field of sport cartridges has made Cheddite aware that the way to satisfy customers is by producing reliable cartridges that have exceptional and consistent ballistic properties, but at the same time afford the user new emotional experiences.
For Cheddite, manufacturing a cartridge with these characteristics means continuous technology improvement, which includes the quality improvement of each component (primers, powders, empty cases, wads), the loading process and therefore, the ballistic performance.
It is for this reason that Cheddite, at its Italian and French sites, autonomously plans and manufactures every single component of the cartridge:
Clerinox primers require a complex process that starts from the press work of all the metallic parts with sub-micron tolerance through to the manufacturing of the explosive mix that is the heart of the primer;
Cheddite primer empty cases involve a long industrial process that starts with the fusion of polyethylene grains, its transformation into a tube of a desired diameter and thickness, the press work of the metallic head cup and finally the assemblage of the tube, the primer, the head cup, and the base wad;
Cheddite powders are produced by mixing the obtained powders using a delicate process of transforming chemical reactants;
the wads and the base wads are made by melting polyethylene into grains followed by hot press work;
loading by assembling the single components: case, wad, powder and lead.
Every single finished product and component manufacturing lot, be it those that come under the name of Cheddite cartridges or those that are sold to other suppliers, undergoes strict quality checks to guarantee maximum efficiency.